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Australia Travel Vacations - Art and Culture in Melbourne Victoria

Melbourne is a wonderful destination for any Australia travel vacation. Home to a variety of cultural experiences, it makes a choice spot to visit for romantic couples, solo travelers interested in a bit of luxury, or families eager to see the world together. Every vacationer can find something to do amid the myriad shops, museums and restaurants of Victoria’s crown city.

Fans of performances can experience the beautiful music of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to satisfy their musical longings, or they can enjoy one of the exciting dramatic productions put on by the Melbourne Theatre Company if acting is more to their taste. The city also has a fine reputation for artistic expression that is celebrated throughout the streets. Murals and art installations are to be found in every part of the city, and many artists are proud to call Melbourne the home of their private galleries. Guests are welcome to browse and simply take in the art, purchase a favorite item, or even commission a personal treasure to remember their trip to Melbourne.

For those with a taste for history, the Melbourne Museum and the City Museum offer insights into the legacies of Australia as a whole and Melbourne in particular. Aboriginal and immigrant culture alike are explored and laid out in fascinating detail for the curious. Those eager to complete the experience can also schedule a trip on an aboriginal heritage walk through the city’s spectacular botanical gardens before a picnic in the park.

Capping off this cultural extravaganza are the city’s three most popular festivals, held at different times through the year. There is the Jazz Festival, where this spectacular and soulful music is put on in the best of Australian fashion. September boasts the International Arts Festival, and April sets the city laughing with the International Comedy Festival.

So whether you love to laugh aloud, applaud for joy at an expert performance or simply experience the quiet enjoyment of learning of another culture, come to Melbourne for an experience like no other.

Australia Travel Vacation - Do it All in Melbourne

An Australian travel vacation means always having something to do, and for many guests Melbourne is the ideal city in which to do everything. First-class accommodations, a thriving nightlife, an expansive cultural scene and delicious food are all readily at hand for the visiting holidaymaker to experience and embrace, making this city one of the most unique in all of Australia.

First, there’s the shopping. An extensive array of high-class boutiques, art galleries and trendy scene stores are on hand for visitors to peruse. Going home in a garment at the height of Australian fashion or bringing home an outstanding piece by one of the up-and-comers from the local arts scene is an excellent way to cement memories of a vacation to Melbourne.

Melbourne also is famous for and proud of its old world café culture. The city has a number of sidewalk teahouses and coffeehouses to step into for a quick caffeine break. Some of the best coffees in the world are brought in especially for Melbourne, showing off a variety of blends and flavors for travelers to enjoy in settings ranging from the intimate corner shop to a grand old 19th century hotel.

High culture should be high on the list for visitors as well, because Melbourne is simply bursting with beautiful attractions. The Australian Ballet performs in Melbourne, showing off the refinement of this powerful and elegant dance form. Alternatively, there is the Centre for Contemporary Art, which is home to some of the best pieces by the newest emerging artists. Challenging art for a new age is on display, with pieces ranging from the confrontational to the sublime.

Finally, what would a visit to Australia be like without a nod to the Melbourne sports scene? European football, rugby football and cricket are all played in the city, with exceptional variety in teams and performances. The sports culture is surprisingly highbrow in many cases, with a variety of venues able to accommodate all tastes in refreshments and luxury.

Australia Luxury Vacation – Australian Theatre

An Australia luxury vacation is about more than pampering the body – it is about indulging the mind and spirit just as thoroughly. First-class accommodations are a must and cannot be compromised on, but once the lodgings are settled and delicious meals arranged, the soul desires a feast and a delight all its own, and this is where the legendary Australian culture takes in. Australia has a one-of-a-kind theatre movement, having grown up in a specialized isolation from the world. This allowed the actors to build their own style of performance.

There’s the Sydney Theatre Company, which offers amazing first-class productions ranging from experimental small theatre to grand and bombastic visions of established theatre classics. Actress Cate Blanchett is involved in many productions, either as an actor or director, lending her experienced touch to a number of shows.

For those with a song in their heart, Melbourne is the place to be. This city has gained a reputation as the musical capital of Australia, and the reputation is well-earned. Cats, Phantom, Les Miserables — all of these famous musicals are frequently on display, as are shows such as Sweeney Todd and more modern productions.

For those who like their plays in operatic fashion, there is, of course, the legendary Sydney Opera House, renowned the world over for its layout and acoustics. But there is also Adeleide’s Festival Centre, which hosts some of the best independently-performed Operas in Australia.

So, for those with a love of theatre and luxurious vacations, Australia is clearly the place to be. There is always a show being performed, and if a holidaymaker has a tour in mind rather than a stay in one city, then going from production to production and splendid hotel to hotel is surely one of the better touring ideas that can be arranged in this country born from a dream.

Australia Travel Vacation: Australia's Many Festivals

It has been said before, and remains true: A city festival makes a great setting for an Australia travel vacation. Festivals are extraordinary events, bringing together great food, outstanding entertainment, first-class accommodations and a party-like atmosphere where people can mix and mingle with newly found friends, or lose themselves in the press of the crowd of strangers just for the thrill of being amid so many excited people.

Australia’s cities have a number of unique festivals, each with its own regional flair while still retaining that strange sense of cheerful unity that makes Australia what it is.

There’s the Sydney Festival itself each January. Mingling the visual and performing arts such as street theater, film, music and dance, it is a cultural event without peer. It lasts a full three weeks every year, putting the absolute best of Sydney on display.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival puts the best of Aussie cuisine out for people to enjoy during the cool Australian March season. The reason for Australia’s well-deserved fame in wine making becomes readily apparent when paired off against the delicious food of this marvelous event.

For a more intellectual but no less party-minded event, there’s the Adelaide Writer’s Week. While it might sound obscure, this gathering is the largest literary event in the entire world. Writers both famous and new to the scene meet up for a chance to rub shoulders with publishers, producers of plays, screenwriters and other members of the elite Australian literary set. Those with a love of a festive atmosphere and the written word will find this the perfect event for a vacation experience.

The Park Hyatt Melbourne

Not all vacations are the same, and that’s why the best hotels offer different vacation packages in Australia. The Park Hyatt in Melbourne is an ideal example of a hotel that offers excellent accommodations to people traveling for every sort of reason.

First, there’s the hotel’s Romance at the Park package. Couples on a honeymoon or just looking to get away together are treated to the finest in Australian hospitality. Luxury rooms designed with comfort and private intimacy foremost in mind are provided. A two-course dinner at the amazing Radii restaurant also is included in the package, followed by a delicious evening nightcap. A bottle of Domaine Chandon accompanies strawberries and chocolate dipping sauce for private enjoyment, and the day is rounded out with a milk bath and aromatherapy treatment sure to relax every tension away.

For those eager to indulge themselves with first-class, full-care attention, there’s the Pamper at the Park choice. Guests can choose either a $125 Australian food and wine experience, or an equivalent value in a Park club spa credit for their stay. Either choice is equally amazing, as the food is to die for and the spa among the best in hotels around the world. The accommodations are exquisite and the checkouts are late, allowing guests the supreme luxury of sleeping in among the comfortable furnishings.

Then there’s the all-purpose but absolutely wonderful Awaken at the Park experience. Guests are treated to an amazing evening with a complimentary, first-class Australian breakfast, followed by the same late checkout that the Pamper at the Park offer boasts. This is an ideal package for those coming through the city for a single evening and morning on a tour across the country, as it allows the full experience at the Park without tying the guest down in one place.

Melbourne By Design: Specially-crafted Tours for the Luxury Enthusiast

The ultimate luxury travel package is the one tailor-made for the participant. Some people enjoy an outstanding full spa treatment, others want a vacation that allows them to explore beautiful sights while riding a bike. Melbourne, in particular, is full of delightful and exciting opportunities to get the exact kind of customized vacation the discerning luxury holidaymaker is looking to achieve.

For the spiritually- and contemplatively-inclined, there are a number of Yoga, spa and spiritual wellbeing escapes that are offered. For example, vacationers can listen to soothing, relaxing New Age music in the comfort of a delightfully hot bath after a morning spent practicing Tai Chi on the lawn of a luxury resort accommodation, and then delight in meals made from organic and ethically sourced ingredients by Australia’s legendary local chefs.

Those after a more active way of experiencing the land down under can take bike rides and hikes through Melbourne’s park districts, examining the unique ecology and natural wonders of the city and its countryside. A day begun with a stiff cup of tea can be spent traveling through the nearby ecosystem and end with a delicious picnic among the vines of the city’s many gardens and parks.

And, of course, for those who can’t live without an absolutely magnificent view, the city has several famous helicopter tours that can be made available by arrangement. Helicopter tours are magnificent for this purpose because they allow an immediate, drastic change from hovering down amid the cityscape to soaring above it so high the cars below look like toys. Any view can be had, and the astounding variety of options is sure to take the breath from anyone.

Last but certainly not least, there are numerous aboriginal experiences that can be had in Melbourne. Stories of the ancient time known as the Dream, histories of the various tribes and their experiences before and after the arrival of settlers and astounding collections of native artwork and artifacts will warm the heart and open the mind to the wonders of the country that is Australia.

Luxury Destinations - Langham Hotel Melbourne

If you are looking for a posh place to lay your hat during your Australian luxury vacation, Melbourne’s luxury hotels are always a good bet.

Since 1865, the Langham has been the staple in luxury hotels. You can rest assured that your every whim will be satisfied by the staff during your stay in Melbourne. Each room is elegant in design and perfect for the business traveler as your room is furnished with a large desk. Whether you are looking to book a classic suite or the presidential suite, your stay at Langham will be one you will never forget.

What’s more, the gourmet cuisine in Melbourne luxury hotels caters to even the most discriminating diner. Meals are prepared from only the freshest produce that Victoria’s farmers can grow. Fish from the Tasman Sea is just a taste of what will be served in the area’s best restaurant, Melba. This gourmet restaurant, which is named after famous opera performer Dame Nellie Melba, makes your dining experience come to life as the restaurant

Also at the Langham, there are on-site spa and fitness centers that will give you the kind of tranquility that you can only find at great establishments like this. The fitness center boasts top-of-the-line exercise equipment and weights. Just because you are on your Australian luxury vacation doesn’t mean that your fitness routine has to be postponed. After you work up a sweat in the fitness center, you can head to Chuan Spa for a total relaxation period to let those muscles get a break.

Chuan spa is a state-of-the-art facility in the Melbourne luxury hotel that will treat your mind, body and spirit to total luxury. You can pamper every part of your being at Chuan, where a balance of tranquility and exhilaration is the staff’s main purpose. Your Australian luxury vacation wouldn’t be complete without enjoying your time at Langham hotel in Melbourne.

When it comes to planning a luxury travel tour, Australia is certainly overflowing with options. Home to outstanding scenery and vistas that can’t be had anywhere else in the world, the country is perfect for seeking out every sort of terrain on Earth to explore from the seat of a luxuriantly comfortable vehicle. A favorite tour for fans of sea and coastline is the Sydney to Melbourne Coastal road trip, a week-long excursion traveling around the country’s southeastern quarter.

The seven-day journey takes travelers from some of Australia’s more famous cities to places that may not leap to the traveler’s mind and yet are worth the trip all the same. The week begins in Sydney, home of the famous opera house, leading on to Norwa and its famous local pub culture. Day two heads for Bateman’s Bay, home to riverside cruises and delicious oysters. Then it’s off to the aptly-named paradise of Eden, where visitors can engage in whale-watching as the evening draws to a close. The fourth day ends among the mountains of Bairnsdale, in the fresh high air. Wilson’s Promontory and Phillip Island lay between, offering unique insights into the local animal life. Finally, there’s the metropolis of Melbourne, with a bustling nightlife and friends to share the story of your travels with.

Along the way, of course, there are landmarks and experiences aplenty, but the iconic view and portion of the trip is without a doubt the Sea Cliff Bridge. Hugging the coastline south of Sydney, the bridge stands an impressive 665 feet in the air — at a full quarter-mile over the ocean below, it is a feat of human engineering that is awe-inspiring to see. After traveling this soaring bridge, many visitors take the time to have a picnic on the beaches and admire the path they just traversed, a metaphor for the rest of the exciting journey ahead.

When considering the destination for your Australia honeymoon vacation, don’t forget the supremely romantic locale of Melbourne. Home to exquisite hotels, a thriving arts and culture scene, a beautifully scenic riverfront and situated amid some of Australia’s most beautiful wine country, Melbourne is an outstanding choice for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Just three days in the Melbourne area will provide delights and adventures that you’ll be talking about for a lifetime.

For the first day, there’s the city itself, full of activities to spark whatever interests you. Consider the Queen Victoria Market, where you can find any number of gifts or items to commemorate your visit. There’s the arthaus scene amid the Laneway area, offering you the choice between artistic galleries showcasing exciting new styles or live jazz performances to share a drink over. In the evening, there’s all manner of food ranging from local specialties to expatriate diners and cafés to choose from, ensuring that you won’t go hungry for want of quantity or variety.

On day two, you should continue your exploration of the city, moving to the riverside areas and the beaches. There are a number of cultural enclaves in Melbourne, showing it off as one of the truly multicultural cities of the world. Or if sun and fun are more your speed, there’s a spectacular surfing and sunbathing culture down at St. Kilda Beach. There’s always room for newcomers to have a go at any kind of surfing, and it makes for great picture opportunities when building those critical honeymoon memories. In the evening, consider seeing a ballet or artistic demonstration at the Arts Centre to round out the day’s events.

A good honeymoon isn’t complete without a visit to Melbourne’s beautiful wine country, so for your third day consider hiring a car to head out and visit the Mornington Peninsula. Vineyards and olive groves alike abound, and are replete with caretakers eager to show you the finest of their product as you tour the gorgeous countryside and relax before preparing for the return trip.

So whatever your fancy, Melbourne has an attraction for you. As destinations go, there are few places in the world as exciting as Australia, and Melbourne promises to deliver a romantic time for couples of any inclination.


Melbourne Skyline with Yarra River

Much of the real fun of an Australia package vacation lies in experiencing the many elements the culture has to offer, and there are few events more quintessentially cultural than Melbourne’s annual International Arts festival. This year’s festival, scheduled for October 8 through October 23, is set to be a multimedia experience encompassing lightshows, musical compositions, science and emotion, and will be sure to leave no heart unmoved.

There is no way to list all of the events, because there are literally dozens of performances scheduled for the festival. Pieter De Bussyer and Jacob Wren will be conducting a performance and lecture combination discussing the role of optimism in an ever more difficult world. Taryn Simon will give a multimedia tour of places that the public rarely gets to see, so guests of the festival can get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of the everyday. Opera group Hotel Pro Forma will engage a piece called Tomorrow, in a Year that takes a look at the influence science and evolution have had on the world we live in. If there is a single theme running through the whole event, it is the complexity of life and the power of the human experience, a motif sure to elevate the spirit.

A vacation package set in Melbourne around the festival of course requires first class accommodations, and Melbourne can deliver with pride. There are numerous high class, luxurious hotels in the city, many within walking or short transit distance of the festival’s grounds. The festival homepage also lists a number of dining establishments ranging from the excitement of low-cost pubs, to the more intimate and sumptuous extravagance of high dining. Foods and wines from all over the world, particularly the legendary local wines and cuisine are all at hand for the taking, meaning guests will neither go hungry or without delight as they take in all that Melbourne’s musical legends have to offer.


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