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Adventure Vacation to Australia - New South Wales

Those looking to experience an adventure vacation to Australia will certainly find a lot to enjoy in the exciting environs of New South Wales. Home to one of Australia’s iconic cities, it is a massive state containing every kind of adventurous activity, ranging from exploring the local arts and culture scene in Sydney to snowboarding in the mountains above the country. For vacationers eager to add excitement and zest to their experience, New South Wales will never disappoint.

Sydney itself is a monument to vacation greatness. There are opportunities to sail around the harbor in a luxurious boat, or to surf in the waves of Bondi Beach. The phenomenal Sydney Opera House is a must-see attraction for those eager to explore the arts and culture scene, and the city’s many avenues are home to enough gourmet food and quiet cafés to satisfy every palate and personality.

Head north, and one finds the rather aptly-named North Coast. The experience here begins with the gorgeous Australian beaches, but this is hardly the limit of one’s activities. Scuba diving and snorkeling are readily available for guests on arrangement, allowing for ready and exciting exploration of the magnificent underwater wildlife. Humpback whales can be observed from boat or from shore at certain times of the year, and the restaurants remain simply top-notch.

Of course, there are also the Snowy Mountains, which include Australia’s highest peaks. Snowboarding and skiing are popular pastimes on these high elevations, and there is little in the world more relaxing and soothing than gliding down the mountains through the snow, only to emerge in a comfortably warm lodge where great food and delicious drinks await. Mountainside picnics are also popular, allowing adventure to turn to a romantic meal should the visitors to these hillsides be so inclined.

Australia Honeymoon Vacations - the Indian-Pacific Railway Journey

There’s an adventuresome spirit in some people who love to take advantage of the Australian honeymoon vacation experience. Australia is a romantic destination all its own, with a unique landscape and a fascinating history to enjoy. The biggest question is which part of the country couples will spend their the honeymoon in. For those that love to travel, the answer is obvious: all of it! Or at least as much as can be done during their stay, and the Indian-Pacific railway journey provides a fascinating, romantic interlude that is sure to delight the senses of new travelers and experienced journeymen alike.

The trip is a three-day journey, beginning in Sydney on one coast before ending in Perth on the opposite side of the country.

The accommodations provided for the trip easily are some of the most comfortable in Australia. Private cabins are available for the happy couple, with large windows that allow them to take in the sheer splendor and variety of the Australian countryside as they roll through it. Dinners and wines are provided in the dining car, allowing the newly-minted couple to share their good news in the pleasant company of fellow travelers.

The destinations along the way allow travelers to spend their honeymoons in several very different cities. Sydney is famous for its magnificent culture, and guests are encouraged to explore the magnificent Opera House and bay before departing on their journey. Midway through the trip, the train pulls through scenic Adeleide, showing off the country’s esteemed festival city. Cook and Kangoorlie are next, with short tours arranged by the railroad to show off the beauty of these unique destinations. Finally there’s Perth, with its own tour of the beautiful Colonial architecture and the Swan River, complete with a delightful dining experience.

Canny guests who make arrangements for a few days’ stay each in Sydney before and Perth after their epic train ride will find the experience a breathtaking, whirlwind way to experience Australia, and a journey sure to make the honeymoon experience as memorable as any on earth.

Australia Luxury Vacation – Australian Theatre

An Australia luxury vacation is about more than pampering the body – it is about indulging the mind and spirit just as thoroughly. First-class accommodations are a must and cannot be compromised on, but once the lodgings are settled and delicious meals arranged, the soul desires a feast and a delight all its own, and this is where the legendary Australian culture takes in. Australia has a one-of-a-kind theatre movement, having grown up in a specialized isolation from the world. This allowed the actors to build their own style of performance.

There’s the Sydney Theatre Company, which offers amazing first-class productions ranging from experimental small theatre to grand and bombastic visions of established theatre classics. Actress Cate Blanchett is involved in many productions, either as an actor or director, lending her experienced touch to a number of shows.

For those with a song in their heart, Melbourne is the place to be. This city has gained a reputation as the musical capital of Australia, and the reputation is well-earned. Cats, Phantom, Les Miserables — all of these famous musicals are frequently on display, as are shows such as Sweeney Todd and more modern productions.

For those who like their plays in operatic fashion, there is, of course, the legendary Sydney Opera House, renowned the world over for its layout and acoustics. But there is also Adeleide’s Festival Centre, which hosts some of the best independently-performed Operas in Australia.

So, for those with a love of theatre and luxurious vacations, Australia is clearly the place to be. There is always a show being performed, and if a holidaymaker has a tour in mind rather than a stay in one city, then going from production to production and splendid hotel to hotel is surely one of the better touring ideas that can be arranged in this country born from a dream.

Australia Travel Vacation: Australia's Many Festivals

It has been said before, and remains true: A city festival makes a great setting for an Australia travel vacation. Festivals are extraordinary events, bringing together great food, outstanding entertainment, first-class accommodations and a party-like atmosphere where people can mix and mingle with newly found friends, or lose themselves in the press of the crowd of strangers just for the thrill of being amid so many excited people.

Australia’s cities have a number of unique festivals, each with its own regional flair while still retaining that strange sense of cheerful unity that makes Australia what it is.

There’s the Sydney Festival itself each January. Mingling the visual and performing arts such as street theater, film, music and dance, it is a cultural event without peer. It lasts a full three weeks every year, putting the absolute best of Sydney on display.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival puts the best of Aussie cuisine out for people to enjoy during the cool Australian March season. The reason for Australia’s well-deserved fame in wine making becomes readily apparent when paired off against the delicious food of this marvelous event.

For a more intellectual but no less party-minded event, there’s the Adelaide Writer’s Week. While it might sound obscure, this gathering is the largest literary event in the entire world. Writers both famous and new to the scene meet up for a chance to rub shoulders with publishers, producers of plays, screenwriters and other members of the elite Australian literary set. Those with a love of a festive atmosphere and the written word will find this the perfect event for a vacation experience.

The Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race

For a good Australian family vacation, it’s best to pick an event the entire family can enjoy together. A good event needs to combine fun activities, plenty of travel and good food into one great package — and the Sydney to Hobart yacht race is a tradition that does so perfectly.

The event begins on Boxing Day (December 26), with a big festival at Sydney Harbor. Picnics and barbeques are scattered throughout the crowds as people gather to pick their favorites, cheer on friends they know in the race and generally have a pleasant, day-after-Christmas experience as the ships sail out of the bay and begin their 600-mile journey to Hobart.

In some cases, the discerning family can book a ride on one of the many luxury cruises available in the harbor, getting a from-the-water look at the race. With plenty of food and amenities all their own, such cruises are ideal places to catch the beginning of the event.

From Sydney, it’s a race along the coast. Families can remain in Sydney to enjoy the city’s preparations for the annual New Year party, catching the highlights of the race on television and newscasts. Or they can take a ride by train or luxury car to Hobart itself, where they can prepare for the end of the race in person. The first ships usually sail in on the 28th, an event that kicks off a celebratory party all its own. The race is concluded just in time for Hobart’s own special New Year’s party, featuring delights for visiting families to enjoy. So for the family that wants an Australian vacation to remember, scheduling the Boxing Day boat races is a sure bet for fun.

Australia Travel Vacations: Sydney Festival

A key part of any Australia travel vacation is finding exciting and enlightening things to do while traveling. The luxury and comfort of a wonderful hotel certainly is a fine thing, but it becomes even more wonderful after a day spent enjoying the finery and sites of the city it is set against. Festivals, in particular, hold an allure all their own, creating a combination of activities and fine dining that are sure to create absolutely precious memories, and the Sydney Festival is just one such event worth traveling for.

The festival is home to a number of events that will meet everyone’s needs and exceed their expectations.

The theatre of Australia is on display front and center; national, international and local groups perform in plays ranging from one-act comedy spots to serious and involved dramas. Classic and contemporary come together to create a wonderful experience of high culture.

Music is another fundamental part of any festival, and the Sydney Festival is no different. Musicians encompassing all the arts from Jazz to hip hop and beyond have their talents on display. Music fills the air from venue to venue, and concerts are readily available all day and night.

See Sydney’s own film festival during the Festival proper, with some of the finest independent films in the world brought together for those eager to take some time off their feet.

There are even special events set aside, with some put out specifically for families, those looking for free experiences or even an extra set of events tailored for those with “about an hour.” These last are wonderful for filling time between longer events, and range from arts and dance expos to samples and classes of the unique and wonderful Australian cuisine for which Sydney is rightfully famous the world over.

Australian Luxury Vacation - Yacht Cruises Long and Short

The smell of the sea air, the sight of the sun lowering against the water on the horizon, the beautiful sea life and the sound of waves lapping against the hull — these and many others are the reasons that the yacht is iconic of the most in luxury travel packages. Being an island nation, Australia is home to a number of luxury yachts that can be chartered for cruises around the shoreline. Whether the guest desires a few hours around Sydney harbor or a weeks-long sojourn about the coast, there are tours that can be suited to their wishes and desires.

Sydney harbor is a favorite destination for many holidaymakers, and those seeking a lovely tour are no exception. The shoreline of the harbor is unique, as it hasn’t been overwhelmed with urban development like the shorelines in other major cities. Instead, much of it remains open as ever to nature and the sky, with gorgeous features that can allow for either a short guided tour of the beautiful sights, or a quiet long drift about the waves, with lunch and dinner provided as the day trails on.

Of course, there are other destinations as well. One spectacular choice is the Darwin to Broome journey, a trip that takes an extraordinary three weeks to complete, with destinations and layovers along the way. Beautiful days in the sun and the sea are interspersed with stops at some of Australia’s most beautiful coastal cities, with local surprise wonders and the legendary Australian cuisine to be sampled in equal measure. This kind of journey and others like it is an amazing experience that is just the ticket for a proper Australian escape. Most of all these longer journeys show the ways in which a luxury cruise can be the whole vacation in itself, rather than tied on to a separate vacation package.

Luxury Destinations-Shangri-La SydneyWhen you are looking to spend your Australian luxury vacation in Sydney, you must be sure to stay at the Shangri-La hotel.

Like the name suggests, your stay at the Shangri-La will be paradise. The luxury suites are the largest rooms of their class and boast spectacular views of the harbor, the Opera House and the famous Harbor Bridge. With top-of-the-line furnishings and every modern amenity that you could want, you know that your stay there will suit every need that you could have for business as well as personal reasons.

The on-site health spa will ensure that your stay is truly a blissful one. This spa offers the health conscious a fully-equipped gym so that you never have to miss a workout during your Australian luxury vacation. The spa also has an indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sundeck for your enjoyment.

The Shangri-La offers the Asian inspired CHI at the spa as well. These Chi treatments will help you to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit of the weary traveler. This is excellent for those that come for business purposes to unwind after a busy day. At the end of the day of business meetings and enjoying the sites and shopping in Sydney, you will feel revitalized after spending some time in the spa.

No Australian luxury vacation would be complete without a truly unique gourmet dining experience. This you can get just about everywhere in Sydney. It doesn’t matter what your taste is; if you want an international dining experience, you will find it at Cafe Mix. For a more superlative experience, you can go to the Altitude Restaurant on Level 36 at the Shangri-La Hotel. In Sydney, you can sample all of the best foods and wines that Australia has to offer — many without even leaving your hotel.

Title of the Post Goes HereWith Oprah and 300 of her audience members getting ready to visit Australia in December, tour operators are preparing some of their best Australian vacation packages to help ensure that Oprah and her guests have the time of their lives.

Winfrey memorably opened her 19th season six years ago by giving cars away to each of her audience members. This time around, the big-hearted talk show host will take this group on an Australian vacation for 8 days and 7 nights. While tour operators do not yet know what Australian vacation packages Oprah and her guests will take, one thing is clear: Oprah definitely wants to tour the world famous Sydney Harbour.

There are many tour packages that can guide Oprah and her guests through Sydney Harbour, and each of them offers luxury travel at its finest. Many of these tours will highlight the rich shopping experience to be had in Sydney as well as offering some of the region’s best in gourmet food choices. The gorgeous Sydney Bridge certainly will make the tour well worth the journey down under.

There are Australian vacation packages to suit every whim of Oprah and her audience members. Some of the exciting Australian vacation packages can include any/all of the following: yachting, snorkeling at Coral Reef, exploring the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in some of the most beautiful mountains on earth, luxuriating at the beach and much more!

Oprah also is planning on filming an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show while in Australia. She will film her show at the Sydney “Oprah” House, which the city plans to rename for the day. While in Sydney, Oprah and her guests will have the time of their lives. Since Sydney Harbour is the most beautiful natural harbor in the world, it is a breathtaking site. The surrounding city’s extreme shopping and restaurants will be hard to top. This is not just a boon for Australian tourism — this Australian vacation will have Oprah singing Australia’s praises for the rest of her life.

Australia Family Vacation-Luxury Boat Tours with Harbour Days One the main attractions when people take their Australian luxury vacations is seeing the Sydney Harbour in the nation’s capital. While there are many tours that can show you the views of the harbor, none of them takes you through Sydney Harbour like Harbour Days Tours.

If you are the kind of mariner traveler that prefers to enjoy a leisurely trip along some of the most beautifully natural scenery in the world, Sydney Harbour is one of the best places to view some of it. Guests can board any one of a number of luxurious and fully-equipped yachts, knowing that they are in for a quality journey. One amazing aspect of Harbour Days sailing is that you can choose to take a hands-on approach to your journey or you can just relax and see all that Sydney Harbour has to offer.

You get to see a side of Sydney that only the locals know about. For the true mariner, you can let the weather decide if you will have a leisurely sun-filled ride or if you will be exhilarated by the wind in the sails and the speed of the yacht.

From 10 a.m.-3 p.m. you will be catered to and pampered. You can sample some of the region’s most delicious foods that will satisfy even the most selective diners. Why take an Australian luxury vacation that stops before you reach the water when you see can the entire vista of Sydney Harbour and its surrounding views? Whether you are looking for a tranquil and stress-free ride or if you want to really feel the wind in your hair as you see just what a yacht can do, Harbour Days sailing is one tour that you will not want to miss while on your Australian luxury vacation.

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