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Australia Travel Vacations: Sydney Festival

A key part of any Australia travel vacation is finding exciting and enlightening things to do while traveling. The luxury and comfort of a wonderful hotel certainly is a fine thing, but it becomes even more wonderful after a day spent enjoying the finery and sites of the city it is set against. Festivals, in particular, hold an allure all their own, creating a combination of activities and fine dining that are sure to create absolutely precious memories, and the Sydney Festival is just one such event worth traveling for.

The festival is home to a number of events that will meet everyone’s needs and exceed their expectations.

The theatre of Australia is on display front and center; national, international and local groups perform in plays ranging from one-act comedy spots to serious and involved dramas. Classic and contemporary come together to create a wonderful experience of high culture.

Music is another fundamental part of any festival, and the Sydney Festival is no different. Musicians encompassing all the arts from Jazz to hip hop and beyond have their talents on display. Music fills the air from venue to venue, and concerts are readily available all day and night.

See Sydney’s own film festival during the Festival proper, with some of the finest independent films in the world brought together for those eager to take some time off their feet.

There are even special events set aside, with some put out specifically for families, those looking for free experiences or even an extra set of events tailored for those with “about an hour.” These last are wonderful for filling time between longer events, and range from arts and dance expos to samples and classes of the unique and wonderful Australian cuisine for which Sydney is rightfully famous the world over.

Australian Luxury Vacation - Yacht Cruises Long and Short

The smell of the sea air, the sight of the sun lowering against the water on the horizon, the beautiful sea life and the sound of waves lapping against the hull — these and many others are the reasons that the yacht is iconic of the most in luxury travel packages. Being an island nation, Australia is home to a number of luxury yachts that can be chartered for cruises around the shoreline. Whether the guest desires a few hours around Sydney harbor or a weeks-long sojourn about the coast, there are tours that can be suited to their wishes and desires.

Sydney harbor is a favorite destination for many holidaymakers, and those seeking a lovely tour are no exception. The shoreline of the harbor is unique, as it hasn’t been overwhelmed with urban development like the shorelines in other major cities. Instead, much of it remains open as ever to nature and the sky, with gorgeous features that can allow for either a short guided tour of the beautiful sights, or a quiet long drift about the waves, with lunch and dinner provided as the day trails on.

Of course, there are other destinations as well. One spectacular choice is the Darwin to Broome journey, a trip that takes an extraordinary three weeks to complete, with destinations and layovers along the way. Beautiful days in the sun and the sea are interspersed with stops at some of Australia’s most beautiful coastal cities, with local surprise wonders and the legendary Australian cuisine to be sampled in equal measure. This kind of journey and others like it is an amazing experience that is just the ticket for a proper Australian escape. Most of all these longer journeys show the ways in which a luxury cruise can be the whole vacation in itself, rather than tied on to a separate vacation package.

Luxury Destinations-Shangri-La SydneyWhen you are looking to spend your Australian luxury vacation in Sydney, you must be sure to stay at the Shangri-La hotel.

Like the name suggests, your stay at the Shangri-La will be paradise. The luxury suites are the largest rooms of their class and boast spectacular views of the harbor, the Opera House and the famous Harbor Bridge. With top-of-the-line furnishings and every modern amenity that you could want, you know that your stay there will suit every need that you could have for business as well as personal reasons.

The on-site health spa will ensure that your stay is truly a blissful one. This spa offers the health conscious a fully-equipped gym so that you never have to miss a workout during your Australian luxury vacation. The spa also has an indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sundeck for your enjoyment.

The Shangri-La offers the Asian inspired CHI at the spa as well. These Chi treatments will help you to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit of the weary traveler. This is excellent for those that come for business purposes to unwind after a busy day. At the end of the day of business meetings and enjoying the sites and shopping in Sydney, you will feel revitalized after spending some time in the spa.

No Australian luxury vacation would be complete without a truly unique gourmet dining experience. This you can get just about everywhere in Sydney. It doesn’t matter what your taste is; if you want an international dining experience, you will find it at Cafe Mix. For a more superlative experience, you can go to the Altitude Restaurant on Level 36 at the Shangri-La Hotel. In Sydney, you can sample all of the best foods and wines that Australia has to offer — many without even leaving your hotel.

Title of the Post Goes HereWith Oprah and 300 of her audience members getting ready to visit Australia in December, tour operators are preparing some of their best Australian vacation packages to help ensure that Oprah and her guests have the time of their lives.

Winfrey memorably opened her 19th season six years ago by giving cars away to each of her audience members. This time around, the big-hearted talk show host will take this group on an Australian vacation for 8 days and 7 nights. While tour operators do not yet know what Australian vacation packages Oprah and her guests will take, one thing is clear: Oprah definitely wants to tour the world famous Sydney Harbour.

There are many tour packages that can guide Oprah and her guests through Sydney Harbour, and each of them offers luxury travel at its finest. Many of these tours will highlight the rich shopping experience to be had in Sydney as well as offering some of the region’s best in gourmet food choices. The gorgeous Sydney Bridge certainly will make the tour well worth the journey down under.

There are Australian vacation packages to suit every whim of Oprah and her audience members. Some of the exciting Australian vacation packages can include any/all of the following: yachting, snorkeling at Coral Reef, exploring the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in some of the most beautiful mountains on earth, luxuriating at the beach and much more!

Oprah also is planning on filming an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show while in Australia. She will film her show at the Sydney “Oprah” House, which the city plans to rename for the day. While in Sydney, Oprah and her guests will have the time of their lives. Since Sydney Harbour is the most beautiful natural harbor in the world, it is a breathtaking site. The surrounding city’s extreme shopping and restaurants will be hard to top. This is not just a boon for Australian tourism — this Australian vacation will have Oprah singing Australia’s praises for the rest of her life.

Australia Family Vacation-Luxury Boat Tours with Harbour Days One the main attractions when people take their Australian luxury vacations is seeing the Sydney Harbour in the nation’s capital. While there are many tours that can show you the views of the harbor, none of them takes you through Sydney Harbour like Harbour Days Tours.

If you are the kind of mariner traveler that prefers to enjoy a leisurely trip along some of the most beautifully natural scenery in the world, Sydney Harbour is one of the best places to view some of it. Guests can board any one of a number of luxurious and fully-equipped yachts, knowing that they are in for a quality journey. One amazing aspect of Harbour Days sailing is that you can choose to take a hands-on approach to your journey or you can just relax and see all that Sydney Harbour has to offer.

You get to see a side of Sydney that only the locals know about. For the true mariner, you can let the weather decide if you will have a leisurely sun-filled ride or if you will be exhilarated by the wind in the sails and the speed of the yacht.

From 10 a.m.-3 p.m. you will be catered to and pampered. You can sample some of the region’s most delicious foods that will satisfy even the most selective diners. Why take an Australian luxury vacation that stops before you reach the water when you see can the entire vista of Sydney Harbour and its surrounding views? Whether you are looking for a tranquil and stress-free ride or if you want to really feel the wind in your hair as you see just what a yacht can do, Harbour Days sailing is one tour that you will not want to miss while on your Australian luxury vacation.

When it comes to planning a luxury travel tour, Australia is certainly overflowing with options. Home to outstanding scenery and vistas that can’t be had anywhere else in the world, the country is perfect for seeking out every sort of terrain on Earth to explore from the seat of a luxuriantly comfortable vehicle. A favorite tour for fans of sea and coastline is the Sydney to Melbourne Coastal road trip, a week-long excursion traveling around the country’s southeastern quarter.

The seven-day journey takes travelers from some of Australia’s more famous cities to places that may not leap to the traveler’s mind and yet are worth the trip all the same. The week begins in Sydney, home of the famous opera house, leading on to Norwa and its famous local pub culture. Day two heads for Bateman’s Bay, home to riverside cruises and delicious oysters. Then it’s off to the aptly-named paradise of Eden, where visitors can engage in whale-watching as the evening draws to a close. The fourth day ends among the mountains of Bairnsdale, in the fresh high air. Wilson’s Promontory and Phillip Island lay between, offering unique insights into the local animal life. Finally, there’s the metropolis of Melbourne, with a bustling nightlife and friends to share the story of your travels with.

Along the way, of course, there are landmarks and experiences aplenty, but the iconic view and portion of the trip is without a doubt the Sea Cliff Bridge. Hugging the coastline south of Sydney, the bridge stands an impressive 665 feet in the air — at a full quarter-mile over the ocean below, it is a feat of human engineering that is awe-inspiring to see. After traveling this soaring bridge, many visitors take the time to have a picnic on the beaches and admire the path they just traversed, a metaphor for the rest of the exciting journey ahead.

Not every Australian vacation package focuses on a single destination. Australia is a vast country, full of life and a vibrancy that demands to be explored at large, in great trips that take in the whole of the land. As such, some of the best such packages focus on a broad tour of an entire province in the country, and New South Wales is one of the most beautiful places in the world to spend a relaxing week away from home, exploring the wonders of its many cities and sights.

Foremost are the grand city of Sydney and its environs. A well-known outdoor harbor sort of town, Sydney is a crossroads in every sense of the word, serving as a home and a stopover for many cultures and identities from around the entire world. The Sydney Opera House signifies the city’s legendary commitment to culture and the arts, while many small and secret restaurants and cafés speak of more commonplace secrets and wonders, all waiting to be discovered by the adventurous.

The North and South coasts provide further opportunities to enjoy the sun and the beaches, as well as unique looks at the local wildlife. The North coast is home to Humpback Whales that move majestically through the ocean, and can be seen and photographed on whaling trips. The South coast, meanwhile, will show off dolphins and the local kangaroo wildlife Australia is rightly famous for. The beaches of each are full of opportunities to swim, sun or go surfing in a variety of ways including both wind- and motor-powered — an experience sure to build fond memories.

Further inland, visitors get a chance to have a local guide show them the way through the New South Wales outback. The aboriginal culture of Australia is long and deep, with tales and art that can satisfy any mind with a heart for new places and exciting ideas, and is a perfect way to cap off a tour of this lovely Australian province.


In choosing the proper Australian luxury vacation, it’s important to pick out a good location for your journey. Australia is full of exciting locales, and it can be hard to navigate just which one to pick. Today, consider taking a look at the east Australian city of Byron Bay, a multicultural melting pot that combines counterculture excitement with traditional delights in a seamless tapestry of exotic and luxurious bliss.

The first attraction people consider for any coastal area is, of course, the beach. Byron Bay is justifiably famous for its shores, and there’s always something to do: A guest can get a seaside massage or enjoy a yogic meditation session to unwind and relax, or they can take a tide-line horse ride and enjoy the feel of wind and surf for a lovely afternoon excursion.

Once they’ve taken in the sights of the beaches, guests still have a host of activities further inland. Byron Bay proper has numerous community markets with a host of delights such as locally-sourced fruits and produce. In addition, the city has a cadre of outstanding street entertainers to delight and charm visitors as they go about their souvenir hunting.

Of course, as with all of Australia, Byron Bay is home to some parks of truly outstanding natural beauty that should not go neglected. The Cape Byron Track is one of the easternmost roads in the country, and if guests rise early enough they can be one of the first in all of Australia to see the sun rise. Gondwanan Forest national park boasts an ancient volcano that guests can hike to the rim of, seeing the glory of this age-old wonder, while coastal reserves offer the chance to see the migrations of whales, turtles, sharks and other marine life from high above, the clear waters showcasing the beauty of the oceans for all to see.

There are few vacations quite as comfortable as those spent on warm beaches or swimming in lovely oceans, and an Australia beach vacation is one of the best examples to be found of this kind of enjoyable luxury. With a multitude of beautiful and powerful wildlife, a surplus of gorgeous sandy beaches and clear waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling, Australia should be high on the list for anyone seeking the ever-popular dream of fun in the sun.

With that in mind, here are three of Australia’s better-known beaches, and the wonderful reasons a traveler should try to visit each in his or her time down under.

Sydney, New South Wales

The beaches around the city of Sydney are some of Australia’s most famous. They include bustling urban beaches right on the city front, complete with access to all the fine dining and beautiful culture that Sydney is known for, as well as fine beaches a bit further out, such as the calmer and more relaxed Coogee beach (perfect for those who are eager to escape some of the bustle while staying fairly close to big city life).

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay is a delightful choice for the travel-minded vacationer. The coast is home to some of the most beautiful and interesting lighthouses in the world, and is a fine escape from the more developed areas for those eager for a bit of wild living. In particular, marine life can be seen easily from the shore and while snorkeling.

Perth, Western Australia

Perth is home to one of the more exciting beaches for Australian vacationers-goers — the lively and party-oriented Scarborough Beach. Home to a vibrant beach-party and surfing culture, it’s a fantastic place to meet new friends, try out an exciting new sport in wind or kite surfing and have an all around good time in the company of friendly locals and fellow travelers from abroad.

For those people looking for a true, Australia luxury vacation, the proper destination for their visit is of vital importance. The activities one gets up to are essential, but having a comfortable place to come to each night, a proper home away from home, makes the entire experience into something more than a visit and into an actual vacation. As such, we’re happy to bring your attention to one of our best recommendations, Shangri La Sydney.

A luxury hotel in every sense of the word, Shangri La Sydney strikes the perfect balance between accessibility and decadence for the discerning traveler. Located between the legendary Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, the hotel’s more than 500 rooms provide commanding and breathtaking views of the city.

The accommodations are splendid and varied, offering something to guests of every taste and desire. All rooms and suites have the basic amenities like broadband Internet access and television, so guests can keep abreast of world events or simply stay in touch with family and friends to share the delightful experience. The higher-end suites up the experience by degrees, including such amenities as panoramic views of the harbor area, personal concierge service and even suit-pressing services for travel-ruffled arrivals.

The non-lodging amenities are equally up to the task of a spectacular vacation experience. A delightful cafe is present for casual dining, a place for couples to experience a private relaxing afternoon or for the curious to meet and mingle with other guests as they wish. Dinner accommodations include options ranging from traditional to vegetarian, and the hotel even has a restaurant with an entire floor on level 36.

Of course, no hotel can truly brag of a luxury experience without offering comforting amenities beyond the rooms and food. Shangri La Sydney boasts an exceptional health and leisure system, with a fully-equipped gymnasium, Jacuzzi and the hotel-exclusive spa, CHI. Whether you’re looking for a massage or a workout, CHI and the gym have options for everyone.

So for those looking to take in the comforts and luxuries of Sydney, this hotel can truly boast of being a city of gold and a Shangri La for travelers.


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